Our Technology


We created a series of complex interconnected algorithms, capable of translating the scientific data and results of these scientific publications into useful information, and over the years we have been creating a database.


Database of more than 25 million publication

  1. The most accurate predictive genetics solution.
  2. Precision medicine, through a high tech genetic analysis platform
  3. Our platform applies tens of billions of data points from scientific studies in combination with each person’s unique data.
  4. Over 4,000 prescribing doctors and nutritionists worldwide.
  5. GDPR compliant.

One of our biggest differentials is the ability to work with Complex Big Data. When the Genome Project was accomplished in 2003 the quantity of scientific articles and publications increased exponentially and Only a very sophisticated tool with the empowerment of Artificial Intelligence would be able to grab relevant information. When we detected that the medical world would miss the findings, we started the research and development of complex algorithms capable of detecting and extracting relevant information.

Another big differential is the Strand Inversion Algorithm that calculates when the result of a substitution (allele) or genotype must be inverted. This corresponds to an increase of more than 24% compared to any laboratory in the world


This is exactly what happens today. No competitor considers ethnicity variation as important and it causes their results to fail and be very inaccurate. We apply complex formulas to determine the risk of each patient also based on its ethnicity composition.


Transceptar is a leading AI company in health and precision medicine. Its AI-powered genetic testing company generates the most accurate and precise DNA test reports since 2011.


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