Our History

From the conception of aggregating genetic data worldwide, to fundamental science, to a technology platform and working reports, and onward to a health recommendations, integrated technology.

Our Timeline

Tranceptar Technologies was founded in 2011, the company has spread its services in more than 12 countries with 6 of its own global offices spanning from the South & North Americas, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, India and SouthEast Asia.The company though initiated on the background og genetics research has evolved itself in to multiple disciplines with genetics as a blueprint including pharmacology, nutrigenetics, cosmetic genetics, clinical and lifestyle based genetic reports with its own Actionable diagnostics and solutions systems tom enable the healthcare providers worldwide leverage the holistic approach to human health to provide recommendations of Drugs, supplements, food and lifestyle guidelines to patients driving genetic resilience.. The technical team, led by Dr Roberto Grobman has a track record of delivering disruptive technologies and insights based on genetics to the healthcare market.


Accomplishment of Genome Project by National Human Genome Research Institute

The Human Genome Project is one of the greatest scientific feats in history. - generating the first sequence of the human genome - provided fundamental information about the human blueprint, the study of human biology and improved the practice of medicine.


Transceptar Research & Development

10 Million lines of Coding Reached


Transceptar Research & Development 300,000 people tested

10 Million lines of Coding Reached


Population Analysis Projects 400,000 people Tested

Database Reached 15 Million Publications


B2B Operations Started Strand Inversion Algorithm Launched

400,000 people Tested


AI Based Publication Extraction Algorithm Accomplished, Population analysis

400,000 people Tested


Offices in Portugal and Brazil Established

Behavioral and Vacational Analysis Projects 300,000 people Tested


Forbes Magazine, Israel Offical Mission to UAE. COVID 19 Solution Provided United Nations Recommendation & Partnership with University of Washington

50 Million Lines of Coding Reached


Reached 4000 Doctors prescribing our Genetic Tests

1.6 Million Polymorphisms & 80 million Lines of coding reached


Pharmacogenetics Launch Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania, UAE Distributors Appointed

30 Panels in 5 Languages analysing 5000+ disease conditions


Transceptar is a leading AI company in health and precision medicine. Its AI-powered genetic testing company generates the most accurate and precise DNA test reports since 2011.


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